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Here's an interesting motherboard. ECS has announced the PF88 Extreme Motherboard, which allows you to use either an Intel P4 or AMD K8 via a SIMA card. Without the card, the board supports an Intel processor. But if you would like to use an AMD 939 chipset, just plug in the SIMA card and the chip and you're good to go. And there's plenty of other features that this board comes with that makes it an interesting package.
ECS announces PF88 Extreme Motherboard with “Double Identity”

Fremont CA – May XX, 2005 – EliteGroup Computer Systems (ECS), today announced the PF88 Extreme motherboard – the FIRST commercial motherboard with “Hybrid CPU” capability.

Designed in an innovative way to adapt most of today’s top-end performance platforms, either the latest Intel P4 or AMD K8, the PF88 Extreme is a motherboard which suits basically everyone taste. No matter whether you are a fan of Intel or AMD, this board can work out a solution for you.

In standalone form, the motherboard is basically an Intel LGA775-supporting platform. However, with the addition of the S9A SIMA card, the PF88 Extreme instantly becomes an AMD platform supporting any Socket 939 CPU.

To further enhance the practicality and fun factor of the board, ECS also implemented “IOC (Instant Overclocking Controller) Technology” on the PF88. In essence, the controller will automatically adjust the main board clock frequency to the optimum level from time to time, to obtain a balance in performance and power consumption.

To complete the package, the PF88 bundles with all the necessary accessories and needed for setting up your system, and bunch of valuable software that worths more than $____ in retail. Along with the main board, the retail package also comes with multi-purpose bracket that adds in 2 USB2.0 and a single 6-pin FireWire port. There's also a foot-long eSATA cable, 4 orange-coloured SATA cables and black IDE/floppy cables. There's also a custom I/O shield, molex-to-SATA power connectors. On the software side, titles like InterVideo's WinDVD 5, WinDVD Creator, WinRip 2. Pro Magic Plus, ShowShifter are all included for your convenience.
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