EA working on Madden Curse movie

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the folks at EA are trying to develop a movie around the Madden Curse.  Seriously.  The plot of the film will have a former player trying to make a comeback in the league only to find himself on the cover of the game and dealing with the jinx (let's hope it's not Brett Favre and his little friend).

It's an interesting concept for sure and it might work on a few levels but you have to wonder why EA is leveraging something that they've tried to distance themselves from in the past.  You also have to wonder if this will lead to situations where more high profile players turn down the offer due to superstition (much like LaDanian Tomlinson did a few years ago[or didn't depending on who you believe] for Madden 2008).  The movie is still in early development and I'm guessing this might be one of those movies probably dies in development.
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