EA uploading Vick into Madden next week

by: Dan -
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With Michael Vick’s surprise signing with the Philadelphia Eagles and Madden 10 dropping late last week, the natural question was “When will Vick be in the game?", because with EA you know, if its in the game, its in the game.  Considering that EA hasn’t included any teams from the USPL (United States Penitentiary League – No, its not a real league), creating a title update was the only way to get Vick into the game since last playing with an NFL team in early 2007.

According to the L.A. Times, Vick will be showing up on the Philadelphia Eagles Roster Wednesday, August 19, presumably by a title update and not DLC. The problem though is that Vick hasn’t played in 2+ years and the Madden franchise has had many improvements since then that wont allow the 2007 Vick model to just be dropped in. With the EA Tiburon team working overtime the next few days to get this one player updated and into the game, the only question that remains is will they take the time to re-model Lincoln Financial Field to show all the protestors outside the main gates.
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