EA takes the covers off Battlefield Play4Free

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the new Battlefield game EA mentioned earlier this week is Battlefield Play4Free.  The game screenshots and trailers below make it look like a modified version of Battlefield 2 (which isn't a bad thing, that was a some seriously awesome multiplayer) but the press release makes mention that there's some Bad Company mixed in there as well.  The first thing that strikes me is that they've lowered the size of the battles to 32 players, down from 64 in the original Battlefield 2.

I'm significantly more interested in this version than Battlefield:Heroes (the first Play4Free) title.  This game will be free to play (as you might infer from the title) but will allow players to spend a little cash to upgrade their characters.  You can sign up for the beta of the game on it's official website and expect to see the game in production some time in 2011.

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