EA shows off the Be a Pro mode in FIFA 10

by: Chuck -
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This is the first year I've ever been excited about a FIFA game as over the last year I've become quite enamored with the beautiful game (my TV is usually locked on the Fox Soccer channel from Saturday morning to Sunday morning).  FIFA 10 will be the first soccer game I've ever played and I'm a bit nervous as there is a lot to learn about the game in order to really appreciate  it.  Expect to see a few blog entries about the game as I learn the ropes.

One of these features this year is the Be a Pro mode which allows you to create your own soccer play (you can even upload your face and download it to your console).  This video shows off all the different parts of the mode and how you can go from playing in a backwater soccer league to playing against Manchester United.   I'm not sure I really want to adorn my virtual soccer player with my ugly mug but I might change my mind by mid-October.

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