EA says Medal of Honor didn't meet quality expectations

by: John -
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Medal of Honor's getting a very eh reception from the industry but I thought the game was alright. I mean, I've played a lot worse and even though the campaign was rather short, I still had some fun with it.

EA, while thinking the game is better than the reviews out there are indicating, did deem the game to not meet their quality expectations. That's not to say they think it's a failure, but it should have been better.

Danger Close is working on something right now, but a Medal of Honor sequel has not been confirmed. I'm not giving up on the series yet and I think they have a good chance of churning out something really, really good. The potential is there so I'd love to see Danger Close or whoever is working on the sequel to bring it all together to produce a good game.

Wouldn't it be a kicker though if Respawn Entertainment, featuring members of Infinity Ward and partnered with EA, takes over the franchise?
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