EA reveals SSX Descent... I don’t know how to feel

by: Jeremy -
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Electronic Arts finally revealed the latest installment in the SSX franchise at Saturday’s Spike Video Game Awards. SSX: Deadly Descents was shown in trailer form, which you can see below.

The new game appears to be taking the series in a drastically different direction than the purely fictional, over the top games that have been released previously. This time around, the game looks much darker and will focus on actual, real world locations for its course settings. According the the official website:

“players will explore the story of a team who seek to be the first to descend the faces of the most treacherous mountain ranges on the planet. The team will travel the world to face the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them.”

The game appears to include some of the same characters players have grown to know and love though as the helicopter featured in the screenshot below clearly features Elise, who SSX fans are more than familiar with.

I really have mixed feelings about SSX Deadly Descents. First off, I think that the game being pitched sounds incredibly awesome and a lot of fun. This is easily (now) one of my most anticipated titles for the coming years... and I don’t even know much about it. On the other hand, this isn’t an SSX game as we know it. EA should be using this to start a new series; they could even call it Deadly Descents... that has a nice ring to it. I am not writing this one off though just because it appears to be sacrilege to the series that I love, I am more than willing to see what EA has done with this title.

EA has opened an official website for the new game which can be found here. You can check out the reveal trailer and a few early screenshots below:

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