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EA Sports has launched the Madden Hall of Fame today and is looking for your help in identifying which athletes should be enshrined in the virtual halls of greatness.  Here are the crucial details from the site:

Well, as an active member of the Madden Community, you will be a guiding force for the direction of the Madden NFL Hall of Fame. Every Madden NFL fan will have the opportunity to tell us which Madden NFL moment he or she thinks should be inducted-and anything goes. Nominate Eddie George as the first cover athlete, the ambulance from '92 that harmed more players than it helped, the Rams playbook from '99, or even the dreaded Madden Curse.

Like we said... anything goes, and it's up to you, Madden NFL fans, to tell us how this thing should work. We've reserved seats on the Madden NFL Hall of Fame Selection Committee for YOU to team up with celebrity players, sports and game media members, and a few EA Madden NFL reps to determine the ins and outs of the program. We're looking for three to four of the biggest, most passionate, zealous Madden NFL Fans out there-and you have to prove it to us.

Personally the first name that pop to my mind when I think about Madden Hall of Fame is Michael Vick as he was such a dominant player in Madden 2004.  Of course he's a bit of a controversial pick as he just got out of jail for animal abuse but he still probably warrants some consideration.  What do you think?  Leave us a comment about what you think should be in the Madden Hall of Fame.

Found courtesy of Will Kinsler's twitter account.
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