EA is the Worst Company in America again

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In 2012, The Consumerist handed EA the Worst Company in America award. In 2013, well, The Consumerist handed EA the Worst Company in America award again. (Better luck next year, Bank of America; I can personally vouch for how badly you wanted it.)

The reader-voted Golden Poo trophy lands on EA's doorstep after a slew of negatively received decisions made by the video game publisher and developer. EA's Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore stated in a blame-shifting, backhanded apology this week that EA "can do better." But will they, hmmm? Last year's Golden Poo trophy didn't get the point across. This year's repeat win probably won't drive the message home either.

The Consumerist--and subsequently the annual WCIA award--focuses on consumerism and consumers' experiences and issues with companies and corporations. "The point of this contest," according to the site, "is to enable consumers to send a message to a company that provides goods or services to them." Being named the WCIA is supposed to serve as a reality check for companies, a reality check that should raise red flags on issues like providing product that people want and like, selling products at a reasonable price, and supporting the products they sell.

EA's investors seem to be taking the news well, however, as EA's stock is currently up $0.18 over the previous day's trading.

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