EA going all digital and gives the raspberry to the NPD

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Chuck and Travis did a great packaging concept a week ago for consoles going to the digital format. Rather than selling goods at a store, they thought that you'll just be buying a code to let you download the game at home. EA just might be heading into that direction sooner than later.

Frank Gibeau, EA Labels President, thinks that's where they are headed. They aren't going toabandon retail, at least that's what he says. But Frank's trumpeting the all digital model and think that's the best way for gamers to get games.

Now, there are arguements to both sides. Some love to have something in their hand and love to going to the stores to browse. Others, like me, enjoy being at home and having a pre-load of a game sitting there ready to go even before the stores open on launch day. I haven't bought a retail game in ages on my PC. But EA thinks that going the digital route is in their best interest here.

Also, EA's saying that they don't really look at the NPD internally anymore as they think it's just a sliver of the whole gaming pie out there. It's true that today, games earn revenues by more than just numbers sold with free-to-play models, DLC, social networks, etc..etc. And, I do see him having a point here as there are many things that the NPD don't keep track of that earn companies money. A good example is League of Legends, which generates a boat load of cash and is one of the most popular games today.

So what do you think? Going all digital a good thing? EA seems to want to lead the charge. 
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