EA gives you some good details on Madden 10

by: John -
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Madden 10 is trying to make a big splash this year and it looks like they are really stressing the fact that it's got plenty of improvements to warrant a purchase. I know there's been many complaints from folks about how each year's just a minor upgrade so we'll see when the game hits the stores how it is. For now though, EA's blog has some really good details on the Franchise Mode improvements. For starters, the CPU is much better at managing  their cap room.Additionally, improvements in the draft process and how the information is presented to you has been changed.  Those drafted in the Top 10 are no longer going to be guaranteed money players and you'll now be able to find some gems in the later rounds ala Tom Brady. The import process from NCAA has also improved with some additions. Progression has also been addressed where older players digress more, younger players improve more, and veterans start to flatline in terms of improvement but can still progress. Sounds like some good updates coming to the next Madden game.
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