EA games on Steam are SecuROM free

by: John -
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When we reported a few days ago that EA games were now on Steam, a few of the ones available had the horrible SecuROM DRM attached to it if you bought the DVD version. Well, if you purchase titles like Spore or Mass Effect, the dreaded SecuROM has been omitted and the only DRM left is what Steam provides. I, personally, never had a problem with Steam even when Half-Life 2 came out and it's good to see that EA is going with a solid digital distribution system as well as removing the DRM that has plagued many computers. I've never installed my copy of Spore partly because of SecurROM so I'm hoping that I can register the key with the Steam servers and play it that way. I'll try it out once I get back home and report back my findings but it's good news for those that want to play the games but hate SecuROM.

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