EA finds another outlet for the Madden series

by: Jeremy -
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 As if the Madden series had not already hit every platform imaginable, Electronic Arts found yet one more to put the game on: Facebook.  The Facebook phenomena continues to spread and many game companies are starting to turn to it as a viable outlet for free-to-play games and promotion.  Peter Moore has stated in an interview with Bloomberg Television that their goal is to make the Madden series "more acessible" to the public.  In order to do so, the series will now have a presence on the Facebook social network.  
It is currently unknown as to what the Facebook version of the game(s) will include, but Moore states that the new version will be presented in a simpler form than the mainstream version(s) of the game.  I think that it will be very interesting to see how EA handles this new version of the game.  I would expect that the game will be more along the lines of a simulation much in the same manner of the recent release Quick Hit Football.  Hopefully we will find out more information in the coming months...
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