EA and 2K games licenses PhysX on all platforms, AMD says PhysX will die

by: John -
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PhysX, you've been through a rollarcoaster ride. The good news though is that EA and 2K Games think very highly of you. Highly enough that they are licensing you across all their platforms so all of their partners will be able to share in physics accelerated goodness. However, Mr. AMD thinks PhysX is not suited for the long run and will die in the future. Remember, Mr. AMD has Havok in their stable. One of the reasons Mr. AMD gave for PhysX being on the Grim Reaper's list is that its closed and proprietary and they don't believe in that sort of thing. Also, Mr. AMD says it's all eye candy right now anyways and only when it becomes integral to the gaming experience will they step up with their plans such as card accelerated physics. What do you think? Is the gaming world big enough for two physics technologies? Is PhysX slated to die?
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