EA Sports and NCAA Football 12 predict the results of the BCS bowl games

by: Russell -
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Something that seems to be growing in recent years is using a video game to predict a real life matchup.  UFC recently did this with a recent fight, sports games have done it before, and heck, I think someone has used a WWE game to predict a PPV outcome.  Well, it's that time again.  EA Sports has used NCAA Football 12 to predict the results of the BCS bowl games.  Without further ado, here's what they came up with (links to the videos from EA will be included with each results, instead of posting five videos in this post):

ROSE BOWL: #5 Oregon - 42     #10 Wisconsin - 35
TOSTITOS FIESTA BOWL: #4 Oklahoma State - 35     #3 Stanford - 21
ALL-STATE SUGAR BOWL: #13 Michigan - 31     #11 Virginia Tech - 14
DISCOVER ORANGE BOWL: #15 Clemson - 38     #23 West Virginia - 35

NOTE: The rankings I used in this post are the official BCS rankings according to the official NCAA website.  A couple of the rankings are shown differently in the titles of the videos.
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