EA Mobile Updates a plenty for iPhone OS

by: Dan -
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EA Mobile has been cranking out new games, sales and other updates faster than Santa’s elves at the North Pole. Here is a quick synopsis of the updates over the last week or so:

Newly Released Titles
Announced Titles (Screens below)
  • SPORE Creatures
  • The Simpson’s Arcade

  • Command & Conquer (Multiplayer)
  • C&C Assault Map Pack (Free for a limited time)
  • Madden NFL (Multiplayer)
  • Yahtzee Adventures (Added links to More games)
  • Surviving High School (Bug fixes and optimizations)
  • Wolfenstein RPG (Gold Door Issue fixed)
  • Lemonade Tycoon (iPhone OS 3.0 compatible, listen and control iTunes music library in game)
  • NBA Live (Optimizations behind the scenes)

  • 25 Days of Christmas Sale (select titles, one new sale per day)
  • Extended Sale on Spore Origins, Snood, Auditorium, Sudoku, Connect 4, Anytime Pool, Zombies & Me, Jewel Quest Mysteries, Mystery Mania and Command & Conquer Red Alert until the end of the 25 days of Christmas sale

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