EA + PopCap

by: John -
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The makers of Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies as well as other popular titles is now the property of Electronic Arts. The deal, expected to close in August, has EA buying PopCap for $750 million in cash and stock and could earn PopCap $1.3 billion if they meat certain targets.

This deal just strengthens the social and casual portfolio for EA, who has a few games of their own on in the mobile and social scene already. They just got a pretty damn good company that makes some of the most popular games out there. I mean, there's a ton of people that have bought Bejeweled multiple times.

I'm wondering if we'll start seeing PopCap games coming up on EA's Origin service. Also, I wonder how much influence EA will have in PopCap as I know they're pretty popular with a lot of folks and it would be a shame for them to change too much in doing what they are doing. They know their casual stuff and it would be nice if PopCap still ran the same and produced more addicting and fun titles in their own way.
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