E3 2013: Tekken Revolution launches exclusively on the Playstation 3

by: Nathan -
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Namco Bandai is entering the free-to-play genre by launching Tekken Revolution, exclusively on the Playstation Network and comes with eight iconic Tekken characters, an Arcade mode and ranked and player matches. 

The game also includes new Special Arts and Critical Arts moves designed to help newcomers. Players can level-up characters increasing three attributes including Power, Endurance and Vigor to mold combantants into each players unique play style. The eight characters you can play are Kazuya, Asuka, Paul, Law, Lars, Jack-6, King and Lili. The game works almost like an arcade machine. You have a certain amount of credits to start. After spending all those credits you can wait to earn more. Premium tickets are earned for completing various feats in the game and can be used in place of coins. If you run out you can buy more premium tickets if you wish, or wait for more coins. 

Tekken Revolution is available now on the Playstation Network 

For more information check out their official website, Facebook page and Twitter.
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