E3 2013: Microsoft scores exclusive Dead Rising 3

by: Jeremy -
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The Xbox One has scored an exclusive in the Capcom Vancouver developed Dead Rising 3.The game stars an entirely new character by the name of Nick Ramos and aims to redefine the open world zombie genre.

A playable demo of the game was shown on stage and while it looked impressive, it seems to have lost the charm of the series. the game appears to have a very serious tone; the comedic aspect of the franchise is what has made it appealing to me personally in the past. There is a great ambiance to the world and massive hordes of undead but the combat was very serious using realistic weapons and lifelike survival tactics. You can create and customize your weapons using a variety of items found in the game world. Some of the combinations looked a little “off the wall”, which gives me hope that the lightheartedness aspect of the series is still hidden in the experience.

Dead Rising 3 is exclusive to the Xbox One and will be available this coming Holiday season.
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