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E3 2013: Destiny gameplay premiers at Sony's conference

by: James -
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The first-person shooter MMO, Destiny, made its gameplay premier at Sony's E3 press conference, and it was quite a show...

During a live demo helmed by Bungie's own Jason Jones and Joe Staten, they joined together to explore a barren enormous wall that they planned to get to the other side of. Inside they encounter enemies and showed off some nice energy-based weaponry and after taking them out, they proceed to loot for more weapons. So think Halo mixed with Borderlands.

Once they came out on the other side of the wall they met up with some more people...and also some huge enemies which they immediately fought, making use of their new weapons which consisted of an "exotic heavy machine gun" deemed Thunderlord and a sniper rifle called "Shut Up and Get Behind Me".

This demo had to be, hands-down, the coolest thing I have seen thus far at this year's E3 (or probably any E3 ever). It simply amazes me, not to mention that there seem to be some supernatural elements to it as well. The concept calls for endless possibilities of exploration, encounters, experiences...and awesome weapons with awesome names. Definitely a game to look forward to in the coming months.

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