E3 2012: Orgarhythm (impressions)

by: Matt -
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     This is one of those games that's going to slip under a lot of radars after E3. I'm hoping I can do it a little bit of justice. Orgarhythm is a Musical RTS, similar in concept to Patapon on the PSP. But how the game plays is vastly different. In the short demonstration I was given, I saw the potential for what could be a must have game on the Vita this summer. 

     The gameplay is simple, you have a god on screen who marches to a beat and is followed by units. Players can tap on the screen along with the beat. Upon doing so the player is rated and a sub-menu comes up indicating the color of units to be used, which defeat other colors in a rock-paper-scissor type fashion. Tapping to the beat again will rate the player and from there an action can be chosen, and then the player must draw a line to where the units should go, a narrower line means a more concentrated attack, while a longer line means a wide swath, which can spread your units a little thin if there aren't that many following the god. These attacks take up units and have simple melee, ranged, or powerful attacks, and players earn more units depending on how accurate they are with tapping to the beat. The simple concept actually has a lot of implications when put in to motion, as enemy units will vary up how they attack the god, and once his energy is depleted, the stage is failed and players must try again. 

     This will provide users with a large amount of replayability, as the enemy units will analyze how players are getting through stages and adapt their movements to trip up the player on their next playthrough. Players will also have the ability to play multiplayer with a shared pool of units, making what already looks like a strategic challenge even more daunting. And though it is early in the making, XSeed hopes to allow users and musicians to submit their own tracks to be used in Orgarhythm to be used later as DLC. 

     Orgarhythm currently has a vague window of Summer 2012 as its release date. Hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on it soon, as this looks like a great exclusive title for the PS Vita.

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