E3 2010: Zelda- Skyward Sword screens

by: Jeremy -
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Thanks to Nintendo, a new batch of screenshots for the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword have been released which give gamers a closer look at the graphical style of the game. The new entry in the series is taking the visual style back to the cell-shaded look used in the Wind Waker game for Gamecube. While the graphical style may be the same, the artistic style utilized is much more detailed and mature than the “cartoony” style of Wind Waker.

Judging simply on the visuals, I would say that I enjoy this look for the game more than any of the others used by the 3D Zelda games. Wind Waker was, arguably, my favorite title out of the series, even though many people look down on it as being one of the least liked. I skipped over Twilight Princess, mainly because I didn’t enjoy the game visually, but Skyward Sword is calling me...

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