E3 2010: Will Marvel vs Capcom 3 be at E3?

by: Jeremy -
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Do we really need to ask that question? Capcom recently updated the Japanese development blog for the game to make sure that the world knows that the game will in fact be shown, in quite a bit of detail, at E3.

In a message from the games assistant producer, Akihito Kadowaki, the blog states that Marvel vs Capcom 3 will definitely be at the show... and in a major way. According to Kadowaki-san, a new teaser video for the game is scheduled to be released to the public prior to the event to hype everything up. There will also me a minimum of five new videos released showing actual gameplay from the fighter. Each of these videos is said to show off all of the new characters that will be announced throughout the show. Each character announcement will also be accompanied by official art and illustrations of the character designs.

Oh, and the biggest question of all: Yes, it will be playable at the show. Capcom will have a playable build of the game at the event. It is unknown exactly what build they will have; I am sure that it will be a little more limited than the internal build at Capcom, which as of April housed 30-ish playable characters.

Japanese gamers will also be getting a special treat as Capcom is hinting at something referred to as “Plus Alpha”, which will be shown exclusively in Japan. More details on that are expected soon and it is said to make sense once we see it. I am betting on some sort of Japanese exclusive character perhaps... Tatsunoko anyone?

Source: Andriasang
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