E3 2010: Retro Studio’s preparing new Donkey Kong game

by: Jeremy -
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Retro Studios is best known for what they have done with the Metroid IP over few years. It looks as though now that the Metroid Prime series has concluded, they will turn their attention to another one of Nintendo’s staple characters: Donkey Kong. The information is being taken from a series of Tweets released over the past couple of days from Peer Schneider at IGN. The following comments were made over the past couple of days on his Twitter account:

“Will Nintendo fans go ape over Retro’s new game?”

“Don’t read too much into my tweet. I just figured people might go bananas over Retro’s next game. ;)”

“I hope Retro’s new game will barrel me over.”

Another source, as revealed by GoNintendo, confirms the references with the following statement:

“It’s a bit more complicated than what IGN has revealed... they’ve been working on stuff for a long time. I’ve known about this particular project since early 2006. It’s cool.”

Personally, I am hoping that they take the Donkey Kong series back to a style similar to the Donkey Kong Country days, focusing more on the game being a classic plaformer than a 3D adventure game. We should find out the full details at Nintendo’s press conference this week...
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