E3 2010: Patapon 3 trailer and info

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has unveiled the third installment of the critically acclaimed Patapon series. Patapon 3 will be released exclusively for the PlayStation Portable (sorry PS3 hopefuls). THe new version of the game will include, in addition to the single player mode(s), a multiplayer campaign to embark on with your friends online. The game will support up to 8 players over the PlayStation Portables online capabilities.

Patapon 3 will also see a multiplayer demo released next week. The demo will be available on the PlayStation Store starting on June 23, 2010. While the specifics are scarce, it is believed that the beta portion available will allow players to partake in cooperative missions with their friends. Sony is asking that all players who participate in the beta program please provide them with feedback on the game.

While we all wait until the 23rd to get our hands on the beta, why don’t you check out the reveal trailer for the game:

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