E3 2010: Microsoft Activision agreement details

by: Jeremy -
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In an effort to give their selves an advantage in the ongoing console war, Microsoft struck a major blow at the opposition(s) this week with the Activision agreement announced during their press conference. At the Microsoft presser earlier this week, Don Mattrick announced that Microsoft and Activision had entered into an agreement which would guarantee that all Call of Duty related map packs and game add-ons would be available as timed exclusives on the Xbox 360 prior to hitting any other consoles.

The agreement will guarantee that MS gets first dibs on things through 2012. This announcement is pretty big considering the pending release of Call of Duty: Black Ops this coming Holiday season and whatever CoD game Activision reveals in the next 2 years. In the past, most Call of Duty related map packs have hit the 360 first, this agreement just ensures that it stays that way.

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