E3 2010: Kinectimals screenshots

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft released a new batch of screenshots that gives us a closer look at the upcoming Kinect title Kinectimals. The virtual pet genre seems to be exploding this year as all three major players in the industry revealed pet-sim titles (Nintendogs + Cats, Eyepet, Kinectimals).

Ok, realistically, 99% of the audience of E3, both in attendance and online, could care less for this game or those like it. That is because it is the hardcore gamer that is watching the event coverage outside of the those watching with industry interests. The truth of the matter is that the mass public will likely eat this up and it will be on the top of many children's wish lists this coming Holiday season. I know that I already plan on getting it for my daughter...

Come on... you know you want one? Look at those cute, cuddly little animals... just waiting for you to play with them.

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