E3 2010: Animal Crossing 3DS looks to take over my life, again

by: Jeremy -
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I have to admit it... I cannot be ashamed: I am a HUGE Animal Crossing fan. I have put more hours into this series, across the numerous iterations that I care to tally up. Finally, after phoning in the last two versions of the game (personal opinion), Nintendo is actually creating (so it appears) a new iteration of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS.

Even though we are just going on looks at this point, it appears as though Nintendo has built this game from the ground up. The previous two releases of the game, for the Wii and DS, we pretty much ports of the original Gamecube version with a few additions. Just graphically alone, this game looks all new. The game looks fresh and the world looks much more alive than it has previously.

My main excitement for this game is mainly because this will be my selling point for the new system to my wife; she loves Animal Crossing even more than I do. Thanks to this game, I can pretty much guarantee myself a Nintendo 3DS when they launch next year!

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