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E3 2009: Warhammer: 40K : Space Marine Impressions

by: Chuck -
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THQ and Relic didn’t really show us a lot of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine other than some previously recorded footage of the Xbox 360 game. The action RPG is still early in its development and they are tight lipped about what will and won’t be in the game.

This was a little frustrating as the footage looked good. Space Marines from the Ultra Marines landed and killed a wide variety of Orks in different ways. From bolter guns to the standard chainsaw sword, the Ultra Marines spilled blood like it was going out of business.

It does look like we’ll get at least four player co-op as the trailer featured four different marines doing a wide variety of things and the spokesperson from the game hinted that marines don’t serve alone. We also saw some upgrade purchase screens which would indicated a RPG element to the game.

We’ll get the teaser trailer up when we get back as bandwidth is at a premium right now. I do like what I saw from the trailer but without any real context or feature date it’s hard to tell what they are planning except for the fact that the graphics and audio are very well done.