E3 2009: Uncharted 2 Interview

by: Chuck -
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The last game I got to see this year at E3 was Uncharted 2 (we ran out of time before I could see God of War III) and I got to sit down with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann (who you know is cool because he has two N's at the end of his name).  I had to break the interview into two chunks due to YouTube's 10 minute links but in section one we talk about what makes the game popular while looking at the E3 trailer for the game and in the second part we walk through one level of the game. The level we walked through was the same one shown at the Sony press conference but we got to see a few things not shown in that demo (like the three ways you can throw a grenade in the game). 

I also got to see another level of the game which we couldn't record that featured Nathan dragging a wounded comrade around a city.  This changes the gameplay a bit because you're limited to just the pistol and are constantly on the run.  There's a huge spoiler at the end of the level but I'm not going to ruin it a good chunk of the game. 


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