E3 2009: Darkest of Days overview and impressions

by: Chuck -
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Here's a recording of Phantom EFX president Aaron Shurman presenting an overview and a short clip of the first level or so of Darkest of Days.  Unfortunately another media outlet was running late to the presentation and disrupted the presentation enough that the rest of the video is unusable. 

One of the interesting things about the game is the concept that you can't kill everyone in the game as certain people have to survive to keep the timeline intact.  This means that in some battles you really have to watch your fire while in other battles (like the one that takes place in Pompeii when Vesuvius erupts) you can pretty much mow down anyone and everyone without worrying too much about the timeline.

Finally seeing the game in action did help sell the concept a bit more as the game really isn't just another first person shooter.  The time travel elements are pretty slick and some of the future weaponry is well thought out.  My personal favorite (and it's in the footage that got cut) is a weapon where you fire several rockets into the air and then target where you want them to land.  It's a pretty devastating weapon and very helpful when you have to take out large groups of people.  

The code I saw in the booth was fairly slick and handled a ton of action on screen without dropping any frames.  It's not quite at the level of something like Far Cry 2 or Crysis but it was convincing enough and they still have some spit and polish to put on the game.   That said the game's plot line and execution are looking solid and I think Darkest of Days has the potential to surprise a lot of people when it hits shelves.
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