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Tecmo Koei has recently released a demo for their upcoming PS3 game Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.  The demo allows players to check out the newly improved Edit Mode and how it allows the player to fully customize their character, including facial features, weapon animation, abilities, and so on.  Plus, characters created in the demo can be used in the final game as well, so don't think that you're wasting time creating a character just for the demo.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires is set to release February 26th on the PS3 via the Playstation Network.
Burlingame, Calif., February 12th, 2013 - TECMO KOEI AMERICA announces the release of the downloadable demo for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires available today on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation® Network.
The Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires demo allows players to experience how the newly improved Edit Mode enhances the personalized gameplay, allowing the player to fully customize their own unique character by picking the facial features, personality, weapon animation, abilities, outfits, etc. and throw them into battle. Characters created in the demo can be used in the final game as well.
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires combines thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay, giving each player the opportunity to influence the way history unfolds: gain fame in battle and rule their own nation as a ‘Ruler’, use strategy to seize power and invade neighboring territories as a ‘Strategist’ or become a mercenary and sell their services around the land as a ‘Free Officer’. Through actions such as earning fame on the battlefield, protecting the people or increasing their own personal wealth and power, the choices made during the strategy and battle phases have an impact on the character’s position.
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires will be available for the PlayStation®3 via the PlayStation® Network on February 26th, 2013.
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