Dunwall City Trials gets a release date

by: Nathaniel -
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Dishonored was a pleasant surprise when it was released last month.  Not only was it a thoughtful treatment of old stealth game tropes, it was a new IP.  The fact that Dishonored was both critically and commercially acclaimed should give anyone afraid that core games might be going away hope for the future.

Today Arkane Studios announced the release date for Dishonored's first DLC add-on called Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials.  You'll be able to download it on December 11 for only $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points).

Dunwall City Trials offers gamers a chance to hone their skills across 10 challenge maps that exercise your combat, stealth, and mobility skills.  You'll also get online leaderboards (Because what's the point if you can't pwn your friends, right?) and new achievements/trophies.

Hopefully, these six screenshots will properly whet your appetite.

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