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Atari announced yesterday that the Reaver's Bane module will be available for Dungeon's & Dragon's Online the week of April 9th. This free update (the 11th to date) will offer more levels, 10 new ranks expanded to Rank 70 with 8 additional enhancements, 2 more traditional D&D levels and much more. Check the release for all the new goodies.

Reaver's Bane
New Module for subscribers

Join the DDO community and enter one of the most dangerous and
exciting dungeons ever created, earn fame and glory, and
experience adventure the way it was meant to be played!
Module 4.0: Reaver's Bane goes live the week of April 9th. This
is the 11th free update to DDO, which provides:

• More D&D levels!
  o 10 new ranks expanding to Rank 70, providing 8 more
enhancement points for the new Enhancement Tree
  o 2 more traditional D&D levels, raising the cap to Level 14
  o 7th-level arcane and divine spells
 Destruction, freedom of movement, summon nature's ally,
Tenser's transformation, and more!
  o New character abilities, feats, and skills
• Our biggest adventure series yet! New dragons, the
Stormreaver, the city of Gianthold, and more!
• New items and treasure like nothing seen in Stormreach
• All new landscape adventures, featuring a new quest
experience that can be experienced solo or with a group.
• Explore the Cerulean Hills outside the city as you begin
your adventuring career, or pit yourself against the challenges
of Gianthold to take your place among the heroes of the land.

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