Dungeon Runners running on empty

by: John -
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News of another game's demise is here as Dungeon Runners will be shutting down at the end of the year. The game's been around for three years but it's just not profitable. The team's down from 5 to 3 people so any ideas of trying some new stuff to boost sales would be too risky and they wouldn't have the man power to do it.

At least folks who have subscribed to the game gets some goodies before the game dies. There's a 30 day free trial of City of Heroes Architect Edition and Guild Wars Prophecies for everyone and those that have multiple month purchases will get a refund. Changes to the game are in place so you can level up like crazy and get a lot better chance at picking up all the cool items. Finally, a nuke will be set off to signal the end of the game.

It's always sad to see a game end. Did anyone play this and if so how was the game?
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