Dungeon Party parties harder with new upgrades

by: Marissa -
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Free to play title Dungeon Party got a brand new bag, according to Cyanide and Focus Home Entertainment.

Three new characters have been added to the four formerly available. The Engineer, always the gadget guy, rides a giant robot and deploys radar, grenades, big guns, and health terminals to bury his enemies. The Horsewoman rides something that looks like a horse, but may not be. Prepare to meet the business end of her sword and tomato launcher as well as kicks from her "horse." The Amazon is a big burly lady specializing in crowd control and teleporation.

You'll now be able to head to Las Vegas with a party of up to 10 in a dozen new maps, something I can't say I've done in any other dungeon crawler. Empty casino safes for the good of your own pockets. It's a cause everyone can get behind.

Finally, a new Dungeon Editor lets you create your own messed up dungeons and share them with the community.

Head to www.dungeon-party.com to download the game for free.

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