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Gooey tentacle creatures, ghouls, ghosts, hot chicks; sounds like a list of Japanese video game boss monsters to me. Dungeon Fighters Online definitely has that far east flavor as can be seen in the screenshots below. Nexon America was kind enough to send a description of each boss along with the pics and flick. They are:

Flaming Binoche

Deep in the heart of the great conflagration that consumes Garqarak Forest lives this terrifying queen of fire. Clad entirely in crimson, her trusted polished gold sorceress staff in her grip, Flaming Binoche makes herself known with a piercing shriek that strikes fear into the heart of even the most intrepid Dungeon Fighter. When she rises into the sky, beware of the blazing meteors she calls down from the heavens.


The walking dead have no feeling, they have no fear, they have only one thing, and that's the irresistable urge to feed on you. And the most fearsome of the undead is Ghoulguish. He may be shrouded in the dark energy of the shadow, but the chill of his touch is ever-present as you try to defeat him. Even on the opposite end of the final Shadow Thunderland dungeon room, he can strike with a frosty blow that knocks you to the ground, where you may become the answer to his hunger.

Light Castellan Sieghart

In the darkest, innermost room in Sky Tower, the bright, searing light of Sieghart's bolts of lightening illuminates Castellan's Chamber. A thousand years ago he lead his army, hacking and slashing, into this mystical castle...and they remain today, violent echoes of a bygone time. When he finally reach Sieghart, he'll call down his bolts of lightening to where ever you may be hiding, so keep moving.

Great He'etako

The He'etako's hunt in packs, creeping through the folds an crevices of whatever terrain they infect, usually in great numbers. Of course, the one the Dungeon Fighters call the Great He'etako needs no pack, a giant, radial beast that can summon a wide variety of his slimy bretheren to rain down pain upon you. He is known to shroud his prey in a blinding muck of ink before devouring it whole. So when the lights go out, watch for his attack. 

Gangling Lotus

The eighth strongest Apostle, Gangling Lotus is powerful enough to bring calamity effortlessly to Behemoth, using simply the power of his finely tuned mind. However, it is the task of the Dungeon Fighters to save the temple from this insidious mentalist, who transforms into He'etakos all that fall to his superior brain. You'll have to resist or else live the rest of your life as an invertebrate.

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