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 Chad gave us a little glimpse of PlayEnvy's Dungeon Bandits a little while back.  The game has spent the last couple of months cycling through various closed beta runs but is now open for the public to test for their selves.  The developer is offering free accounts for the open beta version of the game at the official website Dungeon Bandits is a tournament based MMO that focuses on team play in a competitive environment to claim the right to the dungeon's treasure.  Head on over and check it out...
 PlayEnvy, Inc.


Dungeon Bandits Enters Open Beta

Seattle, WA – February 18, 2010 - PlayEnvy today announced that open beta testing for its tournament based MMO, Dungeon Bandits, will begin at 10am Pacific Time Friday, February 18 which is in preparation for an upcoming major update launching later in the spring.

This final wave of testing introduces several key improvements from closed beta, including an improved game list interface which now shows all games in process, not just those being formed. This a great opportunity for players to experience the core team vs. team match system which will better prepare them for the fully featured upcoming commercial release.

Players that wish to participate in the Open Beta are encouraged to register for their free account on the official site http://dungeonbandits.playenvy.com. There will be no key code requirements during the registration process. Players that participated in Closed Beta will not need to re-register and previous character progress has been preserved.

About Dungeon Bandits

Dungeon Bandits is a fast-paced, tournament-based online game that allows players to form teams of up to 5 players that compete against other teams for the right to the dungeon's treasure. Featuring a multitude of visually appealing and challenging maps, players must use keen strategy in order to claim the dungeon's riches. Upcoming content improvements are under development and will introduce even more systems and features to entertain players that are willing to brave the dungeon's fierce monsters, mini-bosses and competing teams.
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