Duke Nukem custom controller coming for Xbox 360?

by: Dan -
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John posted the reveal trailer for Duke Nukem Forever earlier today and there was a quick shot near the very end (2:23 mark) that showed Duke playing his game using a custom Duke Nukem Xbox 360 controller. The controller is pretty bad-ass looking with a custom paint job featuring Duke’s color scheme and what appears to be a tattered American flag. The Microsoft Nexus jewel has been replaced with a custom Duke nuclear logo, the analog sticks appear to have spiral grips and the traditional symbol buttons have a makeover and are encoded D (blue), U (yellow), K (red) and E (green.)

One thing I have learned over the years is that developers rarely put Easter eggs like this into a trailer or screenshot unless it has some meaning. Then again, maybe someone had some time on their hands (like 12 years!) Regardless, that is a pretty sweet looking controller if it comes to fruition, and as John mentioned to me, it may have to be wired to power the backlighting behind the nuclear symbol, analog sticks and D-Pad.  Anyone else want one if Microsoft (or a 3rd party) brings them to market?

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