Duke Nukem Forever was suppose to go gold on April 1

by: John -
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Yeah, it would've been an announcement that would be too hard to believe. Former 2K Games producer, Jason Bergman, said that their goal was to have made April Fool's Day as the day Duke Nukem Forever would've gone gold. It was going to be intentional and it was going to be true if things would've continued the way they did. I think it would've been pretty funny to see all the reactions because you know the vast majority of the gaming public would not have believed it.

But, things didn't and everything went sour a few months ago. From all the various engine changes and scope creep, the game had a very little chance of being finished before funds dried up. They could only live on the revenue generated by the previous game and a few of the other small releases based on the IP for so long. Really, I would've loved to have seen it released even if it wasn't going to be a good game just so we could get a look at what it was all about. Instead we only get tidbits with various bits of artist renders and some small videos to show what the folks at 3D Realms were working all on all these years.
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