Duke Nukem Forever officially announced as coming back, out next year

by: John -
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While the live feed of 2K Game's press conference at PAX was a total failure, they just did announce the return of Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox is picking up the pieces and looking to finish the game for a release by next year.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice little post on the announcement and entire fiasco. The fact is Gearbox has been working to finish it since late 2009 so they've had a little bit of time to work on it. The game's playable at PAX so if you're out there, stand in the long line and you'll be able to do something that very few has done until today.

-Update- Since Gaming Nexus is based in Columbus, Ohio, I found this tidbit funny from an interview with Steve Gibson of Gearbox. The codename for the game was Buckeye.
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