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NCSoft is having another cosutme contest and this time it's for City of Villains. Details can be found when you click on the news title and one of the prizes is a Sony 32" CRT HD TV. Just make sure if you enter the contest that you aren't copying off a design from Marvel, DC, or any independent comic book house.

NCsoft Announces City of Villains Costume Contest

NCsoft has announced the City of (Arch)Villains Halloween Costume Contests where fans of the PC game City of Heroes and the upcoming City of Villains can invent a villainous costume and show it off to the rest of the world.

Last year the City of Heroes costume contest brought out an impressive array of costumes and contestants (Go here to view last year’s winners and contestants: http://www.cityofheroes.com/community/costume_contest_winners.html) who created hero uniforms and displayed them to the public on Halloween. For this contest, fans need to send to NCsoft an in-game screenshot of the player’s hero from City of Heroes, and a 250 word description of the hero’s Archvillain (who they are and why they’re the Archvillain, plus any other info you want to provide) before Nov. 7, 2005. Along with the screenshot and description, contestants are required to send in digital pictures of the unique Archvillain costume created for this contest and actually worn out on Halloween. Those that submit the best descriptions and Archvillain costumes will be handsomely rewarded.

Here are the contest categories:

  • Best Overall (Grand Prize Winner – this will not be a winner from any of the other categories).
  • Best Male (Winner and Runner-Up)
  • Best Female (Winner and Runner-Up)
  • Scariest (Winner and Runner-Up)
  • Best Costume/Public Location Combo (Winner and Runner-Up)

All contestants will be judged on costume impact, creativity, originality, detail and quality of the required Archvillain description (so make sure you read it over and spell-check!).

All costumes must be original and unique, and any copyrighted villain characters and/or trademarked names will be automatically disqualified.  Among the items winners will receive include a Sony 32-inch CRT HD TV, Apple iPods, City of Villains Collector’s Editions and TiVo DVRs.

For more information about the costume contest go to: http://www.cityofheroes.com/community/contests.html

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