Dragon's Lair comes to DSiWare

by: Sean Colleli -
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Don Bluth's then-groundbreaking laserdisc game, Dragon's Lair, is being ported to DSiWare. The classic arcade game has shown up on several different platforms over the years but with quick-time events so common these days, it hasn't aged well. It's a good fit for the DSiWare platform though. It's pretty amazing that back in the 80s they needed a huge laserdisc to store the animation data and today it can be streamed right to your DS and stored on internal flash memory. Dragon's Lair will be available on December 21st.


Digital Leisure is excited to announce that arcade classic “Dragon's Lair” will soon be available on Nintendo’s DSiWare™ service.

No quarters needed! You’ll soon have your chance to take on all the “Lair” has to throw at you, right in the palm of your hand. For the first time on any handheld Nintendo® system, you’ll be able to play Dirk in his original animated form – no pixel graphics here!

On December 21st in North America and January 1st in Europe, you’ll take on the role of Dirk the Daring, a knight on a quest to rescue the fair Princess Daphne from the clutches on an evil dragon -- Now using your Nintendo DSi!
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