Dragon Age's Orzammar, the city of the Dwarves

by: John -
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We're going to be getting some constant content for Dragon Age: Origins here so get ready to get to know more about the new world that BioWare's cooking up Today we have the city of Orzammar. The city sits in an area where there are molten lava and is situated in a vast cavern. It sounds like a perfect city for Dwarves and miners. It's also the last bastion of the dwarven race. Check out some screenshots of the place along with some concept art.

The Land of Orzammar

History tells us that the dwarven kingdoms once spread across all of Thedas, and that the underground city-fortresses called thaigs were almost beyond counting. Kal-Sharok was the capital then, home to all the noble houses, and Orzammar was simply the home of the miner and smith castes. Upon encountering this ancient city, many are struck in awe by the sight of the great city of stone. Orzammar stands within a vast cavern, poised over a sea of molten lava. There, the sounds of the forges ring loudest as the finest smiths craft works that are the envy of all races. Countless thaigs were lost in the first Blight, when the darkspawn poured out of the Deep Roads of Orzammar like smoke. With each generation, due to the threat of the darkspawn, more of the Deep Roads has had to be sealed and more thaigs are lost forever. Now only Orzammar stands—the last bastion of the dwarven race and its finest creation.
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