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If you’re as excited as I am for Dragon Age: Origins, their now available browser-based game Dragon Age Journeys might just be the pleasantry you need to tide you over until its release in November. In Dragon Age Journeys, you get a chance to explore Orzammar, the dwarven kingdom. Even more exciting, by playing the browser game you’ll get a chance to get some exclusive game content for Dragon Age: Origins when it releases.

Dragon Age Journeys promises some familiar features that I have seen in Dragon Age: Origins: tactical combat, and an in-depth story and customization. You’ll also have the same option of choosing from what sort of origins story you wish to follow. Hit their site for a chance to get into the free-to-play game that they hope will revolutionize browser-based gaming.
bioware announceS Dragon AGe Journeys

new browser-based game Now available

Game Sets the Stage for Dragon Age: Origins and a New Standard for Browser Based Games

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – October 22, 2009 – Leading video game developer BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced that the first chapter of Dragon Age™ Journeys, a free* to play browser based game set in the Dragon Age world, is now available. Dragon Age Journeys puts players in the role of a hero exploring the underground dwarven kingdom of Orzammar. Players will uncover a dastardly plot that threatens to unleash a great evil that won’t stop until it destroys all living things. Based on BioWare’s upcoming dark fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age Journeys sets a new standard of quality for browser-based games with addictive combat mechanics and fluid gameplay. Players of Dragon Age Journeys will have the chance to earn exclusive in game content for Dragon Age: Origins on the day of its release.

The game is produced by a new browser-based production team at EA and an all-star team of independent development talent, with the goal of creating premium quality browser games. Dragon Age Journeys represents EA’s commitment to supporting talented independent developers.

“Dragon Age Journeys continues our mission of working with talented game developers and artists to create high quality games, blowing away expectations of what is possible in the browser,” said Mark Spenner, VP of Development, EA 2D. “We are honored to be working with BioWare to introduce the Dragon Age franchise to a wide audience of gamers.”

“Dragon Age Journeys sets the stage for Dragon Age: Origins,” said Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, Dragon Age: Origins. “The team has shown the Dragon Age Franchise in a bold new light and the release of this game allows a broad audience of players to discover our dark fantasy universe for the first time.”

Dragon Age Journeys features intense tactical combat, a compelling story and deep customization. Players can choose from one of six different origin stories, each offering a unique background that shapes the lens of how the player perceives the world and how the world will perceive them. The game will deliver an amazing experience to fans looking for an introduction to BioWare’s dark fantasy epic, Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age Journeys is now available free to players at www.dragonagejourneys.com and more information is available at www.dragonage.com.

Dragon Age: Origins will be released on November 3rd in North America and November 6th in Europe on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PC. The PlayStation®3 version will follow later in November. Dragon Age: Origins is rated M by the ESRB.
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