Dragon Age: Origins teams up with Penny Arcade for new web comic

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The upcoming dark fantasy game Dragon Age: Origins will be getting an 8-part web comic created by Gabe & Tycho from Penny Arcade.  The new web comic will feature a dark new storyline involving a deadly encounter between a party of Templar knights, the "Witch of the Wilds" Flemeth, and her daughter Morrigan.  Gamers can check out the first page of the series today, so if you're interested head on over to the Dragon Age website to see this dark introduction to the world of Dragon Age: Origins.

That's not all, as the game will be available at the Penny Arcade Expo, which begins tomorrow and continues throughout the weekend (9/4-9/6).  Dragon Age: Origins will hit retail shelves on November 3rd for the PC and Xbox 360, and later in November for the PS3.

BioWare has joined forces with Gabe & Tycho, the creative artists of the popular Penny Arcade web comic (www.penny-arcade.com) to create a new 8-part web comic based on BioWare’s upcoming epic, dark fantasy Dragon Age: Origins.

The Dragon Age: Origins web comic features an all-new Penny Arcade treatment of a dangerous encounter between a party of mage-hunting Templar knights, the reviled “Witch of the Wilds” Flemeth and her deadly, magic-wielding daughter Morrigan.  Featuring its own original storyline, this new Penny Arcade comic will give readers a dark introduction to the brutal world of Dragon Age: Origins.

Fans can view the first page of the series today at www.dragonage.com with a new page being revealed every week.  Fans will also see an exclusive Q&A with Penny Arcade on the site as they share some of their impressions and favorite moments of Dragon Age: Origins

To see and play the game that inspired the new Penny Arcade comic, players can get a special advance look at Dragon Age: Origins at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo:

Where:             Washington State Convention & Trade Center

Seattle, WA 98101-2350

Dragon Age: Origins Booth # 622

When:              Friday, September 4th – Sunday, September 6th 

Dragon Age: Origins is coming to PC and Xbox 360 in North America on November 3 and later in November for PS3.  For more information and to see the new Penny Arcade Dragon Age: Origins web comic, visit www.dragonage.com.

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