Dragon Age 2 designer drops hints at DLC, addresses critics

by: Nathaniel -
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I loved Dragon Age 2, but admitting it here on the internet can be problematic because it was so divisive.  Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite games of the past year, so I've been waiting for some DLC announcements.  Franchise fans will remember that Dragon Age: Origins got a metric ****-ton of DLC, and now comes word from lead designer Mike Laidlaw on social.bioware.com (I saw it on gamesradar.com first) that DLC is in the works for Dragon Age 2.

Of course, only a tiny portion of his long post dealt with DLC, and really it was just one detail-free sentence tacked on at the end and some screen shots (SCREEN SHOTS!!!!!!!!).  The rest was Mike Laidlaw responding to the insane amount of hate Dragon Age 2 got from fans over issues that I never once thought about while I played it. 

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