Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014 hath begun

by: Randy -
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Of the nearly 30 video game pitches thrown by Double Fine project lead hopefuls, only three would have their game selected. Those three, as chosen by the gaming public via Humble Bundle, are:

  • Dear Leader (a lighthearted despotic ruler sim) by Anna Kipnis
  • Mnemonic (an artistic memory-delving noir) by Derek Brand
  • Steed (Crazy Taxi with a horse) by John Bernhelm


  • Little Pink Best Buds (I can't even explain it) by Pendleton Ward

Each project lead is suitably terrified of the weight on their shoulders. Not to mention the added stress of having 2 Player Productions filming the documentary and the Double Fine Twitch channel broadcasting every other minute in between. It's the puppy cam of video game development.

The teams have two weeks. Here's the documentary exerpt of Double Fine CEO Tim Shafer announcing the finalists, then giving them a pat on the behind and saying, Good luck, kid.

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