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Sesame Street isn’t the only project in the pipeline over at Double Fine, as Tim Schafer’s development studio has revealed another project exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade. A reveal trailer for the new game Trenched. The first trailer and screens were revealed at this week’s GDC in San Francisco.

Trenched is a bit of a different game than the recent works of Double Fine; while the titles such as Costume Quest, Stacking, and Sesame Street are more family oriented, Trenched aims to a more hardcore audience with a dirtier, warfare theme. Trenched puts players in control of the Mobile Trench Brigade as your fend off the Monovision Menace. The Brigade is a highly skilled section of the military trained to use a “revolutionary” breed of weapons that combines the best of mobile firepower with stationary defense systems; basically, they are mobile trenches similar to giant mechs.

Although the game has a darker style than the studio’s recent projects, it looks every bit as fun... check it out:

Source: Joystiq

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