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YUKE'S company of America released some new info and assets for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Double D Dodgeball. The images and info on the characters detail each one's special attributes. There is also a brief description on each Arena. Double D Dodgeball will hit XBLA at 800 MS points and is rated 'E' for Everyone. Check it all out after the jump:

YUKE’S Unleashes Character and Arena Profiles for Double D Dodgeball
A Closer Inspection of Summer’s Most Competitive XBLA Dodgeball Title
CHICAGO - June 19, 2008

Character info:
Balanced all-around character.
Special Shot: Throws a very fast ball.

Throws quickly, but moves slowly and doesn’t catch well.
Special Shot: Super Shot that goes through opponents and can
can double KO.

Excels at catching super shots.
Special Shot: Trick ball that stops and goes.

Moves fast and dodges well.
Special Shot: Accelerator ball that speeds after thrown.

Creates a glass ball that breaks when caught.
Special Shot: Throws two balls – a glass ball and normal

Arena Info:
Eastern and Western cultures have many differences – language, food, television shows, hair styles, and, you guessed it… dodgeball. Western is the traditional style we grew up loving - two teams square off from opposite ends of the court, hurling balls at one another, trying to knock each other out. Players knocked out are sent to the sidelines where they must wait for a teammate to exact revenge and get them back in.

Well, in the East they’ve upped the action by adding a dynamic twist. When the match begins, one player on each team is placed in the opponent’s outfield, a thin designated area surrounding the court. This player can catch and throw at opponents from behind, and is unable to be knocked out. As more players become knocked out, they are sent to the outfield where they can take shots and try to get back in themselves. Pass to your teammates so they can get themselves back in, or set up to hit your opponent from both ends. Matches can get pretty intense in the East Arenas, and working as a team is even more important. 

VEGA: Largest arena. Best suited for large 8-12 player matches
APOLLO: Smallest arena for close quarter action and best suited for 4-8 player matches. Combining the Shock line with this arena can make for challenging matches.
HYDRA: Same size as VEGA, but with unbreakable blocks scattered throughout the arena. Hide behind the blocks for cover, but be careful for shots coming one after another
GEMINI: Same as VEGA, but with breakable blocks. Super shots in this stage can be devastating as they bounce all over the arena.

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